Headphones & Ear Phones

We have headphones and earphones from the houses who have earned recognition in audio and video accessories, Bose, Sony, JBL, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, Boat, Boult, Noise, Leaf, Philips, Ant Audio, Blaupunkt are just to start the count. If you want to flaunt with a pair of over the ear headphones, we have a good range of over the ear headphones to meet the functional as well as style statements.

Or you can choose in-ear kind of earphones that are sleek and compact and will slightly slip in your ear having held within. On-ear earphones are slightly bigger than in-ear earphones but much portable than over the ear headphones. Whether you are travelling and want to hear music, news, any kind of audio without disturbing anyone else around, just pack a pair of earphones. If you are jogging or doing a brisk morning walk, you can listen to your favourite tunes or the news.

Just connect the earphones to a smartwatch or your phone or any similar gadget serving the purpose and you’re good to go. Go for the wireless earphones which employ a Bluetooth for connectivity to any device. This can enable you to talk and listen to any calls without having the hassle of holding the phone while you’re busy with some other task, just like driving a car.

We even have a collection of smart and sports earphones. Premium sound quality with best noise reduction causes minimum noise pollution. Picking the ones with Digital Noise Cancelling technology will make your listening experience better. And go for the ones with Adaptive Sound Control for creating a smart listening experience.

Tangle-free control, volume control and presence of the microphone are certain other features of consideration while making the selection and we have picked up the best ones from the reputed brands.

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