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About us

Passion led us here | FORMYANMAR.COM


Happy Consumers

Although FORMYANMAR is being owned and operated from the UK, FORMYANMAR is for the people of Myanmar. The inception of the project aimed at employing e-commerce to create tremendous opportunities by becoming a reliable connecting link between the seller and the consumer. Happy customers are born of happy purchases and that’s what we seek to create at FORMYANMAR. It is a multi-faceted marketplace that intends to cater to the needs of almost every customer who can shop online. With hectic work schedules and lesser time available for retail shopping, we realize the daunting shopping experiences. Thence, we came up with our online store FORMYANMAR to bring the buyers and the sellers at the same place connected with the bonds of guarantee, reliability, genuine and authentic products and finally to accomplish the final Consumer Satisfaction. With our best selection of high-quality products from reliable and positive rated vendors from UK and US, we aspire to create not just happy customers but happy consumers. We love to be available 24 x 7 and we are there for all your shopping needs regardless of the day or the time.

Our Basket

Ever since the inception of the internet, the marketing approach and trends changed extensively. The technological advancements have further improved this platform by making new connections which are stronger and better than they ever were. With connectivity to the Internet and its availability in every pocket, we at FORMYANMAR would love to cater to your shopping requirements.

Whatever you may think of, Fashion, Glamour, Health, Beauty, Wellness, Physical fitness, Personal hygiene needs for men, women as well as kids, we have them all. Then, coming to the requirements to make happy homes, luxurious offices, splendid indoors and outdoors, we have everything to cater to the needs of decor. We understand the differences in opinions, choices, requisites and tastes and hence we bring to you everything we have in multiple dimensions. From furniture to splendid decor and from simple small gadgets to much bigger ones, we have all on the same floor beneath the same roof. Whether it is your love for tradition or your outlook is modern, from clothing to complete decorums, we are here to address all your requirements.

Entertainment is yet another requirement and with the difference in the modes and moods, we have all from simple toys for kids to complex strategy games, from small audio players to big home cinemas. Whatever comes in your mind, that comes on our site.

Highest Standards

Keeping the standard of our products at the best need them to be supplied from the best suppliers. Having stepped into the shoes of any customer, we have devised a screening system for suppliers marking their appearance on this platform. After careful screening, the suppliers are rated and only the positively rated ones are welcome at FORMYANMAR. We do random quality checks, in-process quality checks to keep our control over the best quality products. And not just the products, we survive to provide the best of services. Once the product is dispatched, it is regularly tracked until delivery. 

Our team of dedicated staffers ensures the integrity of both the products as well as the vendors by allowing only the highest rated suppliers from the US, UK and EU. Each and every merchant is scrutinized and only granted passage onto our market if they achieve a 4 out of 5 rating on global markets. Thus quality and customer satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed when utilizing our services and no other retailer can come close to boasting such an expedient and satisfactory experience.

Trust-based relationship

Any relationship rather, every relationship is laid on the strong foundation stones of love and trust. And through our trusted brands, we strive to create a love for them and happy return customers are the witnesses of their trust in us. Even if we have availability issues, we will try to restock the product in demand at the earliest. And we will keep you updated regularly. Even if a payment has been made for a cancelled order or an order that cannot be delivered due to unavailability, we take it our responsibility to get back your precious spendings back or the product at the earliest.

Stay connected, Stay tuned. Happy shopping, Happy gifting, Happy homes, Happy living. We strive to create smiles.

Reliability, Responsibility

We realize our responsibility towards your reliability in us. We assure you that your payment is safe with us until you are happy with the delivered product. We accept payment through online payment gateways. Since we are FORMYANMAR, we only accept currency that is Myanmar Kyats, we guarantee the safe and secure passage of your cash by using the local bank tracing system to prevent fraud and ensure your success in purchasing. We want our shoppers to not only feel safe but be encouraged to use our platform as opposed to others when it comes to financial security. With a logistical system of checks and balances to reinforce every transaction, you can be guaranteed that every transaction is your own and that no purchase will be lost or adulterated. We have both options of payment while making order as well as cash on collection or delivery.

Provider Selection Process

Suppliers on ​FORMYANMAR​ are curated through a sophisticated rating system to nominate select suppliers and optimize the procurement of quality goods, whilst at the same time, maintaining the comprehensive inclusion of a variety of product categories.

Through our in depth and thorough quality control protocols, all products are certified to be genuine and satisfactory. ​FORMYANMAR​ strictly follows five steps of CITST quality control, namely:

  • Checking supplier
  • Inspecting production
  • Testing sample quality
  • Spot-checking products
  • Tracking after sales

FORMYANMAR boasts an option for shoppers to secure the product they desire even if it is out of stock by working with vendors to provide a down payment of a percentage of the full product price and the option to pay the remainder at a later period. Thus shoppers can guarantee the right to their favorite products no matter the availability.Thus ensuring all products satisfy a consistent quality standard and never fall short of client expectations. .