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Privacy Policy

Frequently asked questions

Who is using my data?FORMYANMAR.COM
What is my data being used for?FORMYANMAR.COM stores and processes data to help us maintain your account, process and store transaction details, offer customer support, send system updates and send offer details.
What will happen to my data?FORMYANMAR.COM may use your data to send you information, updates and offers we think you’ll be interested in.
What data will be kept and stored? FORMYANMAR.COM stores registration details, transaction details, usage information and any information about your web preferences on our website.
What data will be shared with others?We only share your data with our authorised reseller, regulators or government bodies if requested when we see it is necessery to do so .
How long will my data be kept for?FORMYANMAR.COM will store your data for a period of 5 Years after your last attempted login. After this period, your account will be deleted. You can request your account to be delete at any time.
Who will be able to access my data?FORMYANMAR.COM will never sell or share your data to any third-party, unless you grant us your explicit permission to do so.
How will my data be kept and made secure?FORMYANMAR.COM stores your data on secure servers that are based in the UK. Data is processed in the UK, and we use standard industry security protocols.

Privacy Notice

FORMYANMAR.COM takes your privacy seriously. That is why we will only use your personal information to provide you with the products and services you have requested, as well as to administer your account. We will not sell or share your information with third-parties you grant us explicit permission to do so, and we will never use your personal data for any reason other than the reasons described within this policy.

About our privacy policy

Our privacy policy outlines your relationship with our company and explains in detail how we use the information that you provide us with.


FORMYANMAR.COM is the trading name of a company which is incorporated in England and Wales. We control our data, and we encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may have about FORMYANMAR.COM.

You can reach us by:

Email: privacy@formyanmar.com
Website: https://www.formyanmar.com

Changing your preferences

If you’d like to change your web, contact or marketing preferences, you can do so at any time. Simply contact us at privacy@formyanmar.com to request the necessary amendments.

How we do business

FORMYANMAR.COM is committed to upholding and maintaining your personal rights. We operate our business in-line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and observe your rights to change or withdraw your opt-in options at any time. As part of our ongoing commitment to uphold your rights, FORMYANMAR.COM will also extend advice on how you can issue formal complaints to relevant authorities, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Sensitive data

FORMYANMAR.COM does not collect any sensitive data about you. Sensitive data refers to (but is not limited to) information about your race or ethnic background, religious or political affiliations, trade union affiliations, sexual orientation, criminal background or health background.

What information this policy applies to

There is a lawful basis for processing your data, and this section of our privacy policy outlines how this applies to the personal information you provide us with or allow us to collect.

The information this policy applies to includes information that you:

Provide as part of any registration process
Provide as part of any campaign creation activity
Provide in the form of numerical data, metadata or communications
Give us as part of our ongoing relationship

This policy also applies to information that we:

Collect relating to how you interact with our website
Must process to complete purchases and other transactions


Please note that when you submit personal data on our website, you are giving FORMYANMAR.COM your explicit consent that we can use that data in line with our privacy policy.


After giving FORMYANMAR.COM your consent, you are free to amend your consent or withdraw your consent at any time. You have the right to object to the processing of your data. To opt-out, change your preferences or revoke your consent, simply contact us by emailing privacy@formyanmar.com.

Data processing and storage

FORMYANMAR.COM collects and stores data in the UK. We will store your data for a period of 5 Years after your last recorded login attempt unless otherwise noted and explicitly stated.

FORMYANMAR.COM stores data relating to transactions, payments and orders for a period of up to seven years. This period may be extended under certain circumstances as part of our ongoing commitment to comply with UK and international law.

We use carefully selected and recognised third-parties to help us take payments, provide commerce services and manage company accounts. Some of these third-parties may operate outside the European Union.

FORMYANMAR.COM may process your data based on more than one legal ground.

Circumstances under which we may be required to process your data under more than one legal ground may include:

ReasonData typeLegal basis
Customer registrationIdentity and contact informationTo carry out a contract we’ve made with you
Processing and/or delivering your orderIdentity, contact information, financial information, financial and transactional dataTo carry out a contract we’ve made with you and to exercise our legitimate interests to recover debts owed
To manage our customer relationship with youIdentity, contact information, marketing and communications preferencesTo carry out a contract we’ve made with you, to comply with legal obligations and to exercise our legitimate interests to keep our records updated

Marketing and communications

FORMYANMAR.COM may send you marketing communications if you have given us your contact details and opted-in to marketing communications.

You can opt-out of these marketing communications and manage your preferences at any time.

Our obligations

As a data controller, FORMYANMAR.COM is legally responsible for the data you provide us with. In honouring that responsibility, we pledge to uphold our commitments under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

We will only ever use your data:

In ways that are both fair and legal
As described within this policy
In ways that are necessary for the purposes described

In addition, FORMYANMAR.COM processes the personal data you submit to us or we collect as a data processor. As part of this role, FORMYANMAR.COM takes all necessary precautions to secure the personal data we collect, process and store.

We may occasionally use the data you provide us with for marketing, relationship management or account management activities. These activities are designed to ensure you have adequate information about other products and/or services we offer, that we have reason to believe you may be interested in. You have the right to opt-out of these activities at any time.


FORMYANMAR.COM never shares your personal data with third-parties, except our Authorised Resellers on our channel, unless those parties have been explicitly mentioned within our privacy statement.

Our security

As part of our ongoing commitment to GDPR, FORMYANMAR.COM will report any security breaches or attempted breaches to the relevant authorities within 24 hours. We will subsequently contact all those affected by the breach within 72 hours of its occurrence. 

Legitimate interests

As part of the Data Protection Act 2018, FORMYANMAR.COM observes the right to share selected information with third-parties that use data for non-marketing purposes. This could include (but is not limited to) organisations that provide credit assessments, identification services and fraud prevention activities.

Contact us

FORMYANMAR.COM is committed to upholding your rights. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this privacy policy or wish to exercise your rights in relation to your personal data, please contact  us at privacy@formyanmar.

We will process any request within 20 days. Subject Access Requests are normally performed free of charge, but we may need to charge individuals for excessive or unreasonable data requests.