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Edge Audio 12" inch 1800 Watts Twin Subwoofer
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Edge Audio 12" inch 1800 Watts Twin Subwoofer

Able to deliver a punch like a true heavyweight champion the Active Edge subwoofer enclosures will be sure to take top prize. The lighweight, yet extremely tough woofers have been placed in a perfectly matched enclosure to maximise the results. The heavyweight box features a 3" tuned port allowing it to drop deeper and punch harder than anything else around.

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EDGE 12" Twin Active Subwoofer Enclosure

  • The EDGE 12" Twin Active Subwoofer Enclosure is an all in one box solution with an integrated active amplifier. The Edge 12 is a Twin Active Bass reflex subwoofer with an exceptional bass response.

EDGE 12" Twin Active Subwoofer Enclosure Extra Info

  • Active subwoofer enclosure with integrated amplifier all in one box
  • MOSFET Power for high switching speed and greater stability
  • Ported bass enclosure increases the amount of bass your woofer produces without adding any additional power to your system
  • Low level input for ease of use with RCA leads and High level speaker input
  • Low pass filter limits the amount of high frequency output
  • Secret Channel to hide amplifier cable for a clean installation