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List of products by brand KabelDirekt

About KabelDirekt Products

High quality video and audio cables are required to get the most out of your devices.

KabelDirekt cables offer exactly that. Irrespective of wether an especially flexible HDMI cable, a RCA cable or any other cable type is required for your set-up.

We invite you to have a look at our detailed product descriptions to find out more about our production, the quality control as well as other features (for instance the different HDMI functions).

Buy your cable with confidence from a German company specialised on high quality cable products.

About the company:

The family business was founded in 2010 in Germany after having realized that it is very difficult to find a high quality HDMI cable at a reasonable price. To make a long story short we decided to make this our business and satisfy this demand. We started with HDMI cables on Amazon Germany. Not long after we noticed that not only quality HDMI cables but all types of video and audio accessories are required. In order to meet our customers' expectations we are developing new cable products as well as other quality accessories all the time. Since the beginning of our business it is our target to provide 100 % quality and 100 % service at the same time.